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4169 Westport Road #100

Louisville, KY 40207



502-821-0305 (text or scheduled calls only)


Reception Area

Inhabit the reception area in a quiet manner. Decompress. Feel free to take a look at the books, to do yoga (you're welcome to use mats/bolsters/blocks), and fill up on H20.


Once you are greeted by your therapist, you will be welcomed into the therapy room. This is the perfect time to let your therapist know how you're feeling, what you think you need from your session . . .


New Bodywork Client

If you are a new massage/bodywork client, the first few minutes of your appointment will be focused on intake and a postural assessment so that your therapist is equipped with the information she needs to devise a strategy for your care and healing.


At the conclusion of your session, you will be asked to meet your therapist in the reception area or to await her return so that observations and next steps can be discovered and the next appointment can be Booked.